Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Oh my gosh its been so long since i've blogged that i couldn't remember how to get started!!! 
Please forgive my lazy typing....its just the way it is...k? Thanks, we can still be friends then!
Started a new chapter in life....and i love it. call me crazy, some do....thats totally fine by me, i get to hang with my BlakeyD every single day. Yep, he's doing school at home..homeschooling!!! Its a long that i will share here on my blog...very soon. Like the next time i post.....which i hope won't be in another year...
I've missed you


Angie said...

HA! Welcome back! I've been horrible about blogging myself. I post more to my fan page on FB. It's quick and easy ;)

Pemberley Court said...

Thanks Angie!! Im in good company at least!!